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Introduction to Rock Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing course emphasizes the presentation of fundamental skills of Rock Climbing.

Following aspects will be covered within the program:

  1. Theoretical part:  

  • What Rock Climbing is about and different types of climbing.
  • Climbing as the Sport.
  • Indoor vs Outdoor Rock Climbing.

   2. Practical part:

  • Basic climbing techniques.
  • Climbing equipment familiarization and inspection.
  • How to use climbing equipment .
  • Basic knots tie techniques.
  • Top rope belay technique.

3. Practice and fun.

Duration of the program: 10 hours in total are broken down into 6 sessions of 90 min. each and 60 min. of fun in Adventure Hub at the end of the program.  There are two available time slots: 3PM – 4:30PM and 5PM – 6:30PM on week days only. This program is not available on the weekends and public holidays.

Prior booking is required.

Price: BD 10 per 90 min of training session. BD 50 in case of advance payment for the full course.

Free coffee for the awaiting parents.  

Restriction: Participant must be at least 11 yrs. Sport clothing and shoes are required.